Man Jun Jie


  1. Pre-camp reflections
    1. I have no interest in this project.
    2. I want to learn a little more about coding.
    3. I have no questions.
    4. I want to learn something I can apply in life in the future.

  2. Day 1 reflections
    My key learning points for each session:
    1. Carbon dating, plate movement, using corals and earthquake patterns to predict next earthquake/tusnami
    2. animation is about telling a story, 3D animation needs mathematics but is more cost effective and require less manpower than 2D animation.
    3. Nano-technology is applied in real life
    eg. in army (camouflage,bulletproof coating)

    No questions

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  4. Day 2 reflections
    1. 3D modelling is not easy and even the smallest mistake can mess up the whole thing.
    2. 3D modelling needed mathematics.
    3. No connection.
    4. Currently there is nothing for me to apply what I have learnt.
    5. No questions.
    6. No aspirations.

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  6. Day 3 reflections
    1. My key learning points for the whole trip is mostly on 3D body imaging whether on coding or how it can be used in the future to give clear diagnoses.
    2. My feelings for this entire trip is that the trip was quite well organised and well planned as we had more than enough time for whatever we have to do. It was also a good learning experience for me as I learnt something new that I never knew of.