Tuesday, June 5, 2012

StoryLine for Presentation

Zong Han - Doctor
Joshua - Passer-By
Keming - Robber
Jun Jie - Man

 A chief doctor(Zong Han) was recently entrusted with a State-Of-The-Art, Mobile 3D Imaging device and is on his way back home late at night with his colleague(Joshua). They soon become very absorbed in their conversation.

Meanwhile, a robber (Keming) holds a man at knifepoint (Jun Jie). The robber demands that the man gives him all his valuables but man refuses to give his cash. Enraged, the robber stabs him in the ribs and takes a gander through his pockets until he sees the doctors and then, he takes off, sprinting away. By the time the two doctors reach the victim, he has loss a lot of blood so Joshua applies pressure on the wound while the Chief Doctor uses his m[3D]Imaging device to scan him.

  The chief doctor manages to observe his body image with ray casting and diagnoses him accurately. At that moment, the robber decided to return to finish the job so the colleague scoops up the victim and runs back to the hospital. (Punctured lung)

 Because the doctor managed to diagnose the patient fast enough, the patient is saved and the robbers are apprehended.

Team: And that is how Mobile 3D Body Imaging can help us in the modern world!

(Enters the room talking about the device)

Chief Doctor: Hey, Check out this new device, it's called a 3D Mobile Body Imaging Device, you can...

*Colleague takes the device*

Colleague: Dude, this is sweet! Teach me how to use it!
Chief Doctor: Okay, but first, pass it back to me.
Chief Doctor: *Coughs* So as, I was saying…. *drones on and on*

*Walks off the stage*
*Man walks in next, through the door using his phone*
*Robber comes in from the right end of the stage and brushes past the Man*
*Suddenly the Robber pushes Man firmly, against the wall*

Robber: You better keep quiet! *hushed tone*

*Cups hand over mouth, while holding a gun close to his heart*

Robber: Give me the money!

*Man manages to get the hand off*

Man: *Screams* help! help!
Robber: Argh! 

*Robber shoots man*
*Robber quickly snatches Robby's phone and wallet before fleeing from the doctors*
*Man collapses*
*The doctors run towards the victim as the robber flees*

Colleague: Applying Pressure on the wound! *takes off jacket and wraps around the victim*
Chief Doctor: Okay! Hold him still while I analyse the wound!

*Uses the device to take a picture and scan*

Colleague: Mr.Janez, he's dying! Can't that thing work any faster? *panic*

*Victim coughs and grabs Colleague's shoulder*

Colleague: Dude! He's losing consciousness!
Chief Doctor: Give me a second! I have alerted the ambulance and the police! Just keep applying pressure!

(Fiddles with the device)

(Robber tries to sneak up behind us but Joshua realizes it and both of them manages to flee in time)

Colleague: Quick! Move!

*Colleague picks up the now unconscious victim and runs off with the Chief Doctor*

//Notes: The slides will be edited to fit the mini skit. The skit is about 3-5minutes long. The remaining time will be used to run through the slide.

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