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Reflection: Ho Zong Han says..

Pre-camp reflections

Read the introduction, objectives and theoretical background to the project and then answer the following questions:
  •      What interests you about this project?
    I am very interested towards the programming and coding part of the project as it has always been a hobby of mine to make softwares and games.
  •       What do you want to learn by doing this project?
    I want to learn how technology we have achieved today can help develop softwares that are very interesting.
  •       What questions do you have about this project?
    How is body imaging accomplished?
  •      What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project?
    I want to learn how to be able to use technology like body imaging to make games where the player is able to fit into the game.

Reflections on Plenary Sessions

For each plenary session, consolidate your learning by answering the following questions:
  • Plenary session by Prof Kerry Sieh

    -Key learning points

    There are many ways to predict a geological event that is going to occur in various areas. One way is predicting based on tracking previous earthquakes that happened many years ago. For example, in the earthquake hotspot Sumatra, geologists have tracked the earthquakes that happened centuries ago, mainly by using the method of carbon dating using bat droppings and by looking at the soil deposits of tsunamis. After the pattern has been confirmed, people can escape the predicted area for their own safety. Another way is by using coral reefs to find out the sea level at different times. As corral reefs only grow under low tide, researchers can take the patterns of the corals  and find out the sea level. Because an island sinks when it is locked and subducted, and rises after an earthquake, sea levels help to tell the times when the earthquakes occurred.

    -With this study, any prediction if someday Singapore will be hit by an earthquake?

    IT for animation

    -Key learning points

    Information technology is commonly used in the making of animations. Maths formula are applied in the rendering of the graphics for the animation, to be able to bring out the effect of ambient light and other special effects. These effects can make a 2D picture seem like a 3D picture. Usually, 2D animations cost more because of the labour that is required, for example, drawing, scanning and animating. This is why 3D has become more common, because they cost less and seem more real life.

    - No further questions

    Innovative breakthroughs in nano-science and nano-technology

    -Key learning points

    I have learnt that there are many applications for nano-technology in real life, from various luxury goods to the country's defence. Nano-technology is used to change the colour of the various jewels by altering the light movement in the jewels. In the country's defence, nano-technology is used to strengthen the armor of the tanks and vehicles to make it be able to protect the men within it, causing less casualties within the force. Nano-technology can also help in the prevention of cancer, the nano-cells can be injected into the bloodstream and be used to search for cancer cells, then they will kill the cancer cells before they spread and cause higher levels of cancer, hopefully curing the deadly disease.
  •      Questions
    Will nano-technology someday help to improve our brain?
Reflections on Applied Project Challenge: Your Accomplishments
  • -Discuss how the project has deepened your understanding and broadened your awareness of the selected discipline.
  • The project has helped me to further understand the basic languages in web programming and the logic and method of 3D body imaging.
  • -What do you now understand about this discipline that you were unaware of at the beginning?
  • I understand how the body is being imaged based on many layers now and how different calculations and rendering can affect the image.
  • -Describe how what you have learned from doing this project can be connected to what you are learning at school.
  • This discipline can help me to better understand the different parts of the human's body in biology because with the software, we are able to see different parts and organs of the body. 
  • -Describe how you can apply what you have learned from doing this project.
  • This can help in ADMT or ICT if we were required to make a website or a software.
  •  At the end of the project, what new questions do you now have?
  • Can this be improved to actually scan and process a body?
  • DAY 3
    Reflections on Applied Project Challenge: Your Accomplishments
    Key learning points:
    We managed to learn the basics of the various languages of programming and we were exposed to how programming can be applied to real situations, E.g. using programming to display a 3D image of the body for medical uses.
    I feel that this program was enriching and it surely has helped to widen my knowledge in the programming area.
    Once again, thank you lecturers!!! :3

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